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Top 10 Travel MLM Companies to Watch in 2024

Top 10 Travel MLM Companies

With increased accessibility and desirability, more people are seeking unique travel experiences and destinations. With rising disposable income, travel has become a priority rather than a mere leisure activity.

This growing lucrative sector, combined with the MLM model, offers an innovative and competitive landscape of growth and opportunities. Following a similar trend of the past few years, travel MLM companies are expected to grow in the coming months of 2024.

Here is a list of companies to watch out for.

Top 10 travel MLM companies

These top 10 companies are few among the top Travel MLM business models that are leading their way with innovative business strategies, training programs and attractive compensation plans.

1. BE

  • Founded in: 2018
  • Founders: Moyn Islam, Monir Islam, and Ehsaan B. Islam.
  • Headquarters: UAE
  • Reported Revenue $85 million in 2022
    • An emerging player in the MLM industry, BE offers a wide range of travel services from discounted airfares to hotel accommodations, vacation packages or car rentals. A seamless booking experience is provided for the customer along with their exclusive travel deals and ‘earn while you travel’ offers incentivizing travel enthusiasts. Their strong community and networking along with comprehensive and continuous training makes it one of the highest earning companies among the travel network marketing companies.
  • Challenge: The shaky history of the company’s founders being involved in the OneCoin Ponzi Scheme raises questions on legitimacy of BE. Going a step ahead to build trust and transparency in their subscription-based travel service models can be helpful in easily overcoming this hurdle.

2. InCruises

  • Founded in: 2015
  • Founders: Michael Hutchison and Frank Codina
  • Headquarters: Guaynabo, Puerto Rico
  • Reported Revenue: $75 million in 2022
    • InCruises is an invitation only, subscription-based cruise membership club. They are one among the largest and most established travel MLM companies. Partnering with over 40,000 travel agents across the world, they connect their members to over 140,000 cruise offerings from various cruise lines. 
  • Challenge: InCruises has succeeded in sustainably establishing their presence in the industry, however the challenge lies in maintaining the growth and focusing on customer retention in a growing environment of competition.

3. MWR Life

  • Founded in: 2014
  • Founders: Yoni Ashurov.
  • Headquarters: Guaynabo, Puerto Rico
  • Reported Revenue: $75 million in 2022
    • MWR Life offers discounted hotel, flight, cruise, resort, car rental fares along with various travel and leisure activities. They have various membership tiers such as VIP and Pro tiers for flexible subscription options. They offer ‘lifestyle consultant’ memberships where users can earn bonuses and rewards while they travel. Their attractive compensation plans offer guaranteed income, bonuses and transparent sales-based rewards. 
  • Challenge: MWR Life has succeeded in maintaining an edge over their competitors in the Travel MLM industry, however staying clean of regulatory compliance fails, offering versatile value propositions to differentiate themselves from the competition and adapting to the newer changes and challenges in the travel industry can be the major challenges that the venture should consider.

4. Essens

  • Founded in: 2011
  • Owners: Mr Viliam Lalinský, Libor Prus and Michal Kovář
  • Headquarters: Czech Republic
  • Reported Revenue: $42 million in 2022
    • Along with premium cosmetics, nutritional supplements and home utilities, they offer a wide variety of travel services across Europe such as discounted travel fares, hotel fares, club memberships, vacation deals and more. They have branches across continents and VIP incentive programs for their members such as branded fleet programs and all-inclusive seaside holidays along with accessing exclusive educational programs through Essens TV Platform.
  • Challenge: Essens is one of the best, dynamic and multi-faceted travel MLM companies across Europe. However, like any other MLM travel company, Essens must keep an eye out from adapting to changing consumer needs, staying compliant to domestic and cross-border legalities and maintaining a sustainable growth in their user base.

5. iBuumerang

  • Founded in: 2019
  • Founders: Holton Buggs
  • Headquarters: Houston, Texas
  • Reported Revenue: $35 million in 2022
    • A relatively younger travel direct selling company, iBuumerang offers their members access to their travel platform ‘iGo’ where they get to choose from a variety of travel packages and exclusive deals. From discounted flight rates to hotels, companies’ wide network of travel agents facilitates smooth sales and networking. Their tiered membership structure offers earning potential based on contribution to sales. In addition to their innovative business approach, iBuumerang also fosters a spirit of care with their charitable trust, ‘Büüm Foundation’.
  • Challenges: iBuumerang is credited for their fast growth and success. However, the challenge lies in their close association with a history of failed travel-based companies such as Xstream Travel affecting their long-term viability. Their challenge is to navigate the questions raised on their focus on recruitment rather than sales.

6. myEcon

  • Founded in: 2005
  • Founders: Ivey Stokes and Alvin Curry
  • Headquarters: Atlanta, USA
  • Reported Revenue: $5 million in 2022
    • myEcon is a successful Travel MLM Company also offering various other financial and lifestyle products and services. In addition to travel packages, discounted travel fares and accommodation charges, they offer credit management tools, identity theft protection, travel protection and other finance-related services. A monthly subscription is offered for accessing companies’ products and services.
  • Challenge: The focus of myEcon on recruiting new affiliates and building downline as compared to its interest in value addition and product offerings raise key challenges and concerns. Their close association with Maxxis Group MLM company which filed bankruptcy in 2003 is another concern that they must tread cautiously. 

7. WorldVentures

  • Founded in: 2005
  • Founders: Wayne Nugent and Mike Azcue
  • Headquarters: USA
  • Reported Revenue: $4 million in 2022 (WorldVentures had revenue of over $335 million in 2019)
    • They sell travel memberships through their DreamTrips Brand, which provides discounted travel packages and experiences for their members. They collaborate with Rovia, a subsidiary offering booking and membership services. Their network of independent sales representatives earns from selling memberships and new recruitments. WorldVentures claim to have over 500,000 members across 30 countries. 
  • Challenge: Once a strong travel MLM company, WorldVentures faced significant challenges and scrutiny over their practices. Their major challenge is the allegations of being a pyramid scheme with around 77% of their representatives not earning commissions in 2015. They were acquired by Verona International Holdings for restructuring after going bankrupt in 2019.

8. Traverus Global

  • Founded in: 2005, under a different name
  • Founders: Not published
  • Headquarters: Texas, USA
  • Reported Revenue: Not disclosed
    • Traverus Global offers global travel booking services through an online portal, acting as an intermediary between travellers and travel suppliers. They do not manufacture or directly sell any physical products. They also have additional lines of products such as nutritional supplements.
  • Challenge: Traverus Global heavily relies on recruitment and building a heavy downline in addition to sales for revenue. The travel booking is not directly facilitated by the travel providers which limits the customer service control of travel agents. They also have to navigate an environment of heavy scrutiny for sustainable growth and presence

9. InteleTravel

  • Founded in: 1991
  • Founders: Joseph R. Traina and James Ferrara
  • Headquarters: Frisco, Texas, USA
  • Reported Revenue: Not disclosed
    • InteleTravel is not an exclusive MLM company but partners with Plannet Marketing MLM Company. InteleTravel agents can earn from commissions by recruiting a downline. They focus on providing a personalized travel experience and customer service.
  • Challenge: The MLM Arm of InteleTravel suffers from making significant income due to reliance on heavy recruitment rather than sales for revenue. This shifts away from their primary motive of providing quality travel experience and customer service.

10. FireFlies

  •  Founded in: 2010
  • Founders: Not available
  • Headquarters: a Swiss Public Limited Company
  • Reported Revenue: Around $6 million in 2022
    • FireFlies is a reputable online travel portal offering various services such as booking flight, accommodation, and various travel activities and services. They offer discounted and competitive pricing along with user-friendly travel planning on their website. 
  • Challenge: They are a well-established travel MLM company but they face transparency issues related to how travel bookings are made with travel service providers impacting their customer service quality.

These companies have established their strong presence in the Travel MLM industry. Along with their wins, they struggle with the obvious challenges associated with maintaining their legitimacy as an MLM company. Keeping an eye on these companies can provide you further insights into what trends can be expected in the travel MLM space in the near future.

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What are Travel MLM Companies

Travel MLM Companies are businesses that offer various travel products, packages and services.  They earn their revenue from sales of their product offerings and recruitment of a downline. They typically offer access to booking flights, hotels, cruises, rentals or other travel products and services through online portals on discounted fares or subscription packages.

Their distributors earn income by recruiting others and building a downline. The commissions are based on travel products booked by the distributor and their downline.

Features of Travel MLM Companies

Travel MLM businesses have distinct features as compared to other MLM Ventures.

Product Offering:

They offer a range of travel packages such as cruises, vacation deals, hotel stays and tours. They can be exclusive and discounted for members. Their membership or subscription programs offer services at a constant monthly rate. The distributors can also have the option to become certified travel agents to enhance their service offerings related to travel. 

Business Model:

MLM travel agencies earn from selling travel products and recruiting new members. They also come with residual income opportunities where members earn ongoing commission from travel bookings made by their direct recruits and their networks.


MLM travel agents are provided with comprehensive and extensive training in sales strategies for their dedicated product offerings. They are also trained in nitty-gritties of the travel industry and booking systems for flawless marketing skills and quality of service.


Travel MLM companies leverage the power of MLM software or user-friendly online platforms to book travel products, track orders, manage customer relationships and have an overall overview of sales and commissions. They are well-integrated with social media marketing, related websites and offer digital and physical marketing materials. 

Community and Collaboration:

Travel MLM industry is unviable without healthy networking, communication, and a sense of community and mutual support among members. Hence seminars, conferences, incentive trips etc are offered to build a healthy working environment.

Personalized Travel Experience:

Based on user preferences, curated and personalized travel products and services are offered. Customer service and satisfaction is of utmost importance in retaining the existing customers and generating new leads.  Special offers and discounts helps to retain the customers.

Payout System:

In addition to compensation based on sales and recruitment, the agents are offered travel incentives for discounted trips for meeting their sales targets. They obtain promotions and bonuses for recruiting new members or reaching certain ranks within the organization.

Cross Border Business:

As is the inherent nature of this industry, Travel MLM Companies have numerous cross-border business opportunities. There can be various product offerings allowing members from different countries to enjoy travel experience of new destinations, which also expands the market potential.

Legal and Regulatory Landscape:

MLM travel agencies must stick to domestic and international travel rules and regulations after thorough study. The regulatory requirements must be constantly monitored and maintained to build trust, transparency and brand reliability for long term sustainable success.


The potential of entrepreneurship, travel opportunities, various global and local tourist attractions yet to be converted to product offerings etc., showcases the inexhaustible growth prospects of this business model.

Additionally, the flexible working conditions, extensive training and support, versatile compensation plans and travel prospects makes the Travel MLM business all the more attractive.

By leveraging a good MLM software such as the Integrated Travel MLM Software, your venture can easily navigate the challenges affecting the industry conveniently and with comfort.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the features of Travel MLM Software?

Travel Network Marketing Software streamlines the workflow of an MLM Travel Agency by offering travel booking engines, comprehensive and live commission tracking, downline management, versatile marketing and promotional tools and advanced reporting and analytics for compliance and strategic business growth.

By simplifying travel bookings, offering personalized and customizable product offerings and providing a hassle-free user experience to the clients, a Travel MLM Software increases customer satisfaction and retention.

The automated commission calculations, easy downline management and strong analytical inputs provided by live-reports help gain valuable insights into the business and make strategic data-based decisions.

The cost associated with any MLM Software depends on the features required, and the vendor. Also, the pricing may vary depending on subscription fees, transaction fees, setup costs, and additional integration and maintenance costs.

Compare different pricing models, attend the free demos of various software options and make sure the software matches your unique business requirements at a reasonable budget before purchasing the product.

Integrated MLM Software is an indispensable tool for building a successful Travel MLM business. The unique features and solutions offered to streamline your business, increase efficiency and reduce the overhead costs helps manage your business optimally in the long run.

Additionally the strict regulatory and compliance monitoring ensures an environment of trust, reliability and sustainability to be built around the brand.

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