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If you are an MLM business owner or a part of an MLM setup, you would know the difficulties MLM companies face in managing their distributors, customers, and overall operations. You are also aware that any MLM software allows you to automate time-consuming processes like commission computations, downline tracking, and inventory management.

However, something novel is needed to bring accuracy and efficiency into an MLM business while also saving time and effort. Then there is Integrated MLM, our web and mobile app development company that offers an ultimate solution for MLM businesses.

We are pioneers in MLM software development and are more than just an MLM software company. Our devotion to innovation led us to create the world's first MLM Super App, which set new benchmarks for quality.


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Our Journey to Develop the World's First MLM Super App

Our MLM software development company's journey began with a strong commitment to innovation. We understood the necessity for a ground-breaking solution that would redefine industry norms in the constantly changing world of MLM software. We set out on a journey to create our own MLM software because none of the solutions available at the time could offer the amount of control and excellence we desired.

We were on a mission to develop an MLM system that would simplify the creation and management of MLM businesses. And now, introducing the Integrated MLM Software & Super App – the world’s first of its kind, where MLM software meets the extraordinary Super App!.

The best all-in-one solution, it integrates all the necessary tools needed to manage your MLM business smoothly.
With a single purchase, you gain access to an ecosystem that includes software for all platforms. This all-encompassing solution includes user web panels, admin panels, and Android and iOS apps. We’ve streamlined the entire procedure, making it simpler than ever for companies of all sizes to effectively and confidently utilise the potential of MLM.

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Who we are?

With 8+ years of expertise in MLM software development, we at Integrated MLM strive to provide our clients with unique and fore-front solutions. As one of the best MLM software development companies in India, we work hard to provide top-notch products that satisfy the particular needs of each client with a team of highly qualified developers and designers.


To be the world's top MLM software development firm, fostering innovation, embracing a client-centric approach, and gaining industry leadership through technological improvement while offering creative solutions that support the growth of MLM businesses.


Our goal at Integrated MLM is to be a global mentor in MLM software development, known for our consistent dedication to technology innovation, industry leadership, sustainable growth, and positive impact. We are committed to providing clients with modern MLM software solutions to enable companies to succeed like never before.

Our Services

We help you customise and configure everything from your compensation plan to your back-office reporting, assuring your specific needs are met.
It enables e-commerce network marketing companies to effortlessly and efficiently manage their stores and establish a strong online presence on the go.
Customization and enhancements depending on your developing business needs, are key components of MLM software services. Adding new functionality or integrating third-party technologies are vital.

Mobile app development

Get the most advanced, customised MLM super app for quick solutions. Massive and potent MLM mobile apps can significantly improve the efficiency of the company.

MLM software migration

Say goodbye to your low-performing and miscalculating outdated MLM software because we’ll help you to migrate risk-free to a scalable future.

Maintenance and support.

Let us assist you with keeping your MLM software safe and optimised.MLM software requires updates, and we address any concerns to ensure smooth operation.

Our Top rated MLM Software

Cater your diverse needs with the best network marketing software with attractive compensation plans.

Let our experts help you decide!

Why Choose Us?

Industry Expertise

Why choose an expert software developer in the MLM sector? Our unmatched knowledge and experience are the key to the solution. We are aware of the unique challenges and demands faced by multi-level marketing businesses.

Quality Assurance

Network marketing businesses need high-quality, scalable, and robust solutions. Our direct-selling software system ensures smooth operations by streamlining member registrations, compensation plans, and product inventory management.

Expert Team

We have a dedicated software team in place, you can rely on our expertise to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of your direct-selling enterprise, ultimately leading to increased success and profitability.

Proven track record

The strong track record proves our capacity to complete tasks on schedule, satisfy customer needs, and handle the challenges of the MLM business. You’ll have a better chance of acquiring dependable and high-quality MLM software solutions.

Excellent Customer Support

Customer support and post-development services are essential for an MLM business as it involves extensive network structures and huge data, which can create difficulties on the technical front. But we could make your life easy.

Client Oriented

We support bespoke solutions for each MLM opportunity, and hence, we are able to design and adjust features according to the organisational structure, compensation scheme, and business model.