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Creating Your Own Exclusive MLM Software

We'd like to introduce ourselves as a companion who can assist you in planning your success. Take a moment to visualise the success of your MLM business, and we'll help you figure out what it takes. With 8+ years of expertise in MLM software development, we at Integrated MLM collaborate with you to identify the system's true business objectives and provide you with unique and forefront solutions.

Our Integrated MLM Software and MLM Super App are antidotes to the complexities of network marketing.
We take great delight in offering custom, high-quality software solutions that are surprisingly economical.

How To Capitalize On It?

Let’s Explore the Dual Approaches

Built-in MLM Software

We believe automation is the perfect weapon to accelerate your business. Our built-in MLM software solutions are designed to accommodate a variety of popular MLM schemes, including binary MLM, unilevel MLM, matrix MLM, and party plan MLM. Hence we can deliver wonderful outcomes with game-changing speed.

Custom MLM Software

We understand that each MLM company is unique and may have specific needs. Our Custom Software is designed to deliver value, saving you time, effort, and money.You will be amazed at the initial ROI that your custom software can produce and the better performances with regular updations, advancing it to the next level. With the help of Custom Software, we can transform your business efficiency to achieve massive profits.

Our Approach

Getting to know who your users are, what problems your product will answer, and your budget and timeline needs are the dictating factors that we consider which lets us select the best crew to get the job done.

Let’s have a deeper look at the steps we take

Requirement Gathering and Analysis

Our procedure begins with gathering and analysing your MLM company requirements. A group of professional MLM consultants and developers will provide a report that includes a detailed explanation of the environment and the intended purpose of the software that is currently being developed. There will be a thorough examination of the payout structure, commissions, and compensation schemes.

System Design and Architectural planning

In this subsequent phase, a team of analysts and designers creates the design that captures the creation process of the project. This involves specifying architectural components, in addition to business rules, process diagrams, and data flow representations. The software architecture and design are influenced by several factors, including corporate strategy, quality attributes, human dynamics, design, and the IT environment.

Development and Coding

The development process begins at this stage, where the team works on product development and writes program code. This phase often consumes the most time in the development life cycle. Project managers and developers, responsible for leading and creating the entire MLM software, oversee this stage. We consider client engagement crucial during this phase, as the ultimate satisfaction of the customer takes precedence.

Quality Assurance And Testing

Checking for mistakes, flaws, and other problems is the goal of this stage of development. The product undergoes thorough testing to ensure that any flaws are identified, addressed, rectified, and tested again until the product meets quality requirements. Before advancing to the next level, we ensure that the software is error-free.

Deployment and implementation

The activities and procedures used to install and manage software applications are included in this software deployment process. Release of the software, installation, testing, deployment, and process monitoring are a few of the tasks involved here. Following a review of the deliverable and deployment status, the project manager reports to management.

Ongoing Support and Maintenance

The installation of your MLM software doesn't mark the end of our connection with you. Consistency being the key, we ensure continuous enhancement to guarantee end-user fulfilment, identify upgrade paths and future features, do penetration examinations to increase security and provide ongoing client support and training.

As one of the best MLM software companies in India, we at Integrated MLM think that our method distinguishes us from our competitors. We are committed to providing MLM software that not only meets but also exceeds your expectations. Join us to be your successful business partner as we assist you in expanding your MLM operation.

Our top MLM solutions

Experience Unmatched Success with Our Top Rated MLM Software

MLM Business Software

It provides answers for businesses engaged in network marketing, multi-level marketing, and direct marketing. It automates several procedures, including SMS integration, email answers, and payment processing. It aids companies in managing their marketing and sales efforts.

Cryptocurrency Trading MLM Software

Blockchain technology enables MLM businesses to address these issues, create reliable networks, and experience long-term success. Since MLM has been profitable for millions of users worldwide, its combination with blockchain can result in high-performing business models.

CRM MLM Software

You may enjoy all the advantages of a CRM system for network marketing with Integrated MLM Software. This includes stronger segmentation, better targeting, and increased marketing responsibility. We offer you the best CRM with all these added benefits such as better organisation, increased lead generation, task and event tracking, and audience outreach.

E-commerce MLM Software

Our e-commerce integrated MLM software is available to assist you in maximising the potential of online selling. Its powerful features, like product management, inventory tracking, and secure payment gateways, make it simple to set up your online store and begin marketing your goods to customers across the world.

MLM Mobile APP

An MLM Super App is a feature-rich mobile application made to act as a centralised platform for Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) enterprises. By providing a wide range of features and functionalities focused on improving the overall MLM experience for both distributors and customers, this app goes above and beyond the standard MLM applications.

Take advantage of the chance to expand your MLM company and don’t pass it up. Experience the power of the latest innovations and user-friendly interfaces by selecting our best MLM solutions. To find out more about how our solutions can change your MLM business, get in touch with us right away!

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