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MLM Software Features

Integrated MLM software features include everything you need to increase leads, accelerate sales, measure sales performance, and monitor commission distribution.

App Exclusive Features

Can your customers access your MLM business anytime, anywhere? Elevate their experience with the convenience and innovation of our multi level marketing app exclusive features. Power up your business effortlessly!

Super App Switching

Switch seamlessly between MLM console and e-commerce within a single app. This app also features CRM, a ticket system, and promotional tools, providing the capability to manage all your MLM business needs in one place.

Onboarding Screen

The Onboarding Screen is the initial screen seen by a user upon opening the MLM mobile app. Here, you can showcase the features of the MLM plan, incentives of your MLM company, ensuring newcomers grasp the unique benefits and opportunities from the very start.

Push Notificaiton

The MLM app's notification system, a key MLM feature, delivers real-time updates, keeping users informed about crucial events like bonus credits, payout releases, and admin announcements. This enhances user engagement, keeping MLM company members promptly informed.


The multi level marketing app can be white-labeled by changing the logo, app icon, and splash with your MLM company's unique branding elements. This customization enhances trust and loyalty among users.

Explainer Video

Watching a video is more engaging than reading lengthy text. Explainer videos help users quickly grasp and understand the unique features of your MLM business.

Core Features

Discover the must-have features essential for the functioning and growth of your MLM business, tailored for top network marketing companies. This includes MLM features that fulfill fundamental functionality to advertising solutions.

Simple Signup

Simplify MLM business onboarding with a Simple Signup, a single-page registration form with minimal fields. Achieve easy onboarding, high conversion rates, and a headache-free experience for users.

Multiple Authentications

The MLM software provides versatile login methods, allowing access via email, phone, or username. Secure authentication includes password entry and OTP verification, ensuring seamless and secure authentication.

Instant Insights

Integrated MLM software offers a Real-time View of Bonuses and Transactions, allowing users to instantly track earnings, enhancing transparency, and building trust in your MLM business.

Global window checkout

This MLM feature offers a global window for members to make purchases, upgrades, and renewals from a single interface. Additionally, the multilevel marketing software admin can easily configure PV, price, and payment gateways for this section.


An E-wallet serves as the digital storage for MLM software, consolidating all earnings. It offers a swift and convenient avenue for product purchases, fund transfers, and quick payouts to bank accounts.

Referral Program

Referrals are the backbone of any MLM business. We offer multiple methods to promote your referral link, including Dynamic links, social media sharing, and QR codes, ensuring diverse and effective promotion strategies.


Through the Leaderboard feature, members can easily view the top recruiters and earners in their MLM network. This MLM feature enhances motivation, promotes active participation, and elevates the overall performance of the MLM business.

Wallet Summary

Any financial software must include an account statement for users. This MLM feature serves as an account summary, allowing users to track credits (earnings, bonuses, incentives) and debits (purchases, withdrawals) with detailed information such as the source, date, amount, etc.

Unified Profile

How about managing user basic info, password, avatar, account preferences, and all other MLM business account data in one place? Yes, the unified profile screen allows you to do just that.

Payout Tracking

The payout overview feature in integrated MLM software allows users to track payout details, including the amount to be paid, amount paid, and pending amount. The graphical view and multiple payout methods cater to user's preferences and convenience.

Earnings Overview

Access and review your accumulated earnings within the MLM platform with the Earnings View. It provides a breakdown of earnings from various bonus categories such as unilevel commission, referral commission, etc. Explore earnings in different timelines, including weekly, daily, and custom periods.

New Members Overview

The Recently onboarded members view, used by top network marketing companies, allows you to see the members who have joined in the downline of a user. It encourages users and builds trust in your MLM company.

Network Management

We’ve identified multiple ways to visualize your MLM network, allowing users to navigate through any downline while independently tracking progress for a personalized experience.


The genealogy tree, an integral feature of MLM business networks and MLM software, visually outlines the organizational hierarchy. The admin is positioned at the top, overseeing distributors below, aiding in efficiently tracking a member's position within the MLM network.

Multiple Network View

Mulitple network view is a major feature of integrated MLM software, offering dedicated network visualization for each MLM compensation plan, such as binary, unilevel, matrix, etc.

Tabular Tree

Tabular Tree in integrated MLM is an alternative representation of the genealogy tree. Users can efficiently navigate through various levels and branches of their network using this structured format.

Tree Tooltip

In MLM software, tooltips in the genealogy tree offer quick insights into member's details, achievements, and performance metrics. This helps users quickly understand the significance of each node in the MLM network.

Sponsorship Overview

Through this MLM feature, a distributor can observe all members referred by them in their downlines within the MLM company. This supports self-evaluation and motivates them to recruit more members into the MLM network.

Sponsor Change

Network marketers might use the 'change sponsor' function in Integrated MLM Software to seek a supportive sponsor, fostering personal and business growth. It can be used by the admin if the network marketer is placed under the wrong sponsor by mistake.

Advanced Network Listings

This MLM software feature provides a detailed listing of both down-line and up-line members within a network marketing structure. Advanced filters enhance precision and efficiency, facilitating organized and insightful analysis of MLM networks.

User Interface

We won’t belabor the importance of Modern UI in business software. We’ve already implemented it to deliver a visually pleasing user experience that is responsive across all platforms.

Most Modern UI

We provide most modern UI that you can never seen any other MLM software.Our design incorporates both core and advanced concepts in MLM business for a modern and unique user experience.

Summary Cards

A summary card in the app offers a snapshot of key information: user balance, earned commissions, and received payouts , helps simplify navigation.

Interactive Dashboard

Visualize your multi-level marketing network in real-time! Our best MLM software provides live commission updates, sales tracking, and identifies top earners with interactive charts, graphs, and leaderboards. Experience the ultimate in software network marketing.

Live Interface

The dashboard in our software serves as a powerful tool to simplify decision-making by providing real-time insights. With up-to-the-minute data on sales, customer information, and other metrics, you can assess the health of your MLM business.

Predictive Analytics

Our software's advanced algorithm evaluates current data, identifies patterns to forecast market trends, and tracks changes in customer acquisition. It assists your MLM company in making strategic decisions for the success of your MLM business.

Sales Tracker

The Sales Target feature in our MLM software allow you to set and monitor monthly sales goals,an easy way to track your companies sales performance.

Live Commission Updates

The real-time updates of commissions and transactions are core features of our integrated MLM software. This functionality helps you stay updated on key activities in your MLM business.

Top Performers Chart

The Top Performers Chart feature in our MLM software showcases the top-performing affiliates in your MLM company who recruit more users and earn higher commissions. These MLM features increase competition, resulting in a boost in sales.

E-commerce Features

Our E-commerce embedded MLM software centralizes product listings, inventory, and order management. It offers a variety of payment methods at checkout, along with shipping and taxation services, providing a user-friendly platform that maximizes sales.

Multi vendor

Multi-vendor functionality allows an e-commerce store to host products from various vendors, enabling the store to reach a broader customer base and expand its network marketing business.

Multi store

Multi-store is a helpful MLM feature to set up localized stores. This localization includes currency, language, type of product, offering a customized user experience. This ensures that customers see prices in their local currency, enhancing easy and transparent checkout.

Flexible Checkout Choices

We offer various checkout options for user convenience. Opt for Guest Checkout for a quick and easy purchase, and choose Registration Checkout for MLM benefits.We also provide an In-App Checkout feature, facilitating transactions within a mobile application without redirecting users to external websites.

Product sharing

The MLM software features enable users to share product links with friends, family, and social circles. It increases the conversion rate, brand visibility, and also provides an opportunity for users to earn referral income.

Shipping Methods

We understand that you want to ship your product to customers at the earliest and most convenient method with lower costs. This MLM software feature allows you to integrate any shipping software with our e-commerce platform, such as ShipStation, FedEx, Shippo, etc.

Global Taxation

Understanding and applying different tax rates for various products, regions, or countries is a core feature of an e-commerce business operating globally. This MLM feature helps you calculate taxes and displays them during checkout, helping customers understand the overall cost.

Various Product Options

Our E-commerce store is designed to sell both physical and digital products. Physical items offer tangible experiences, from clothing to electronics, while digital offerings like software and online courses provide instant accessibility. You can sell any MLM product through our platform, providing customers with a one-stop shopping experience.

Multiple Payment Options

The multiple payment methods options benefit the MLM business in many ways. By providing this feature, not only does it help customers choose their preferred payment method, but it also reduces technical issues or outages of a single payment gateway.

Order Management

The newly created orders must be processed and delivered to the customer on time, which is the primary focus of any ecommerce business. This order management module involves all functionalities needed to fulfill orders.

Order Lookup

The Order Search feature on your admin panel allows you to quickly retrieve details from thousands of orders, saving valuable time and expediting administrative tasks.

Customer Lookup

Similar to Order Lookup, Customer Lookup is also a crucial feature in our integrated MLM software. It enables you to find customer details, view their recent activities, and make modifications as needed.

Order Control

With this feature, you, as an MLM Company, can track order status, modify it, and add order notes as needed. It grants you total control over the order and simplifies the order fulfillment process.

Order Details View

Access the detailed view of all orders in your MLM business, including information on recent orders, order status, and order point value (PV), to stay informed about the orders within your MLM network.

Analytical Insights

Want to assess your MLM business’s performance? Understand customer behavior, optimize sales, and maximize revenue with our sales, revenue, and business analytics.Gain a complete idea of how your business is performing.

Sales Analytics

Sales analytics in MLM software involves tracking and analyzing customer behavior, providing insights into the products they've purchased and the number of orders made in a specific period. It optimizes and enhances overall sales performance

Revenue analytics

Revenue analytics in MLM software involves the analysis of all income-generating activities within the business. This includes examining various revenue streams and checking factors that impact sales growth, with the ultimate goal of maximizing the business's total revenue.

Business analytics

Business analytics primarily focus on the financial aspects of MLM businesses, examining all income sources versus all expenses, which mainly include sales versus commission distribution on MLM networks. This analysis aims to provide an overall assessment of the profitability of your MLM company.

Detailed Reports

Track sales and commissions, analyze individual and team performance with the plethora of reports we provide—bonus, joining, affiliate, rank, and purchase reports. Export them in any format you prefer.

Bonus Report

The bonus report in MLM software tracks bonuses and incentives distributed to members. It provides details on the types of commissions, the timing of distribution, ensuring accountability, and facilitating reviews.

Joining Report

The Joinings report in MLM software provides an overview of new users who have joined. This tool enables you to track the growth of your MLM business and utilize their information for marketing purposes as well.

Affiliates Report

Affiliates are users who are part of the MLM network. This report focuses on affiliate details, including their contact information and the packages they have purchased.

Purchases Report

This report details the product or package purchase within the MLM platform. It helps to analyze popular products, sales trends, and purchase behaviour of a memeber in your the MLM business model.

Ranks Report

It highlights the achievements and advancements of member's ranks within the compensation plan. Based on their performance, you can provide incentives and other benefits; overall, it contributes to business growth.

Exportable Reports

All the reports in our Integrated MLM software can be filtered with parameters and exported into Excel or CSV format.

Efficient Payout System

The Efficient Payout System is a core factor in building trust and satisfaction among users.  We provide manual and automatic payout modules, offering a variety of payment methods for user convenience.

Flexible Payouts

Integrated MLM Software always prioritizes user satisfaction and flexibility. Therefore, we offer multiple payout method options for users, allowing them to choose PayPal, Stripe, or any method based on their preference.

Payout Compression

Payout Compression is a feature utilized by MLM companies, wherein the payout is distributed only to active affiliates within the MLM network. The criteria for 'active' are determined by the compensation plan of the MLM business.

Profile Overview

Don’t you everthink the need of bird’s eye view of an account ? With this , you can see the account overview and manage account information in one place.

Account Activity

Offering a snapshot of user's recent activities, purchases, and financial transactions helps them stay updated and accountable, promoting transparency in the MLM business

Account Blocking

Safeguarding against fraudulent activities is crucial for MLM businesses. Therefore, we grant admins the authority to block user accounts when necessary, ensuring enhanced security and integrity within the system.

System Preferences

We always value user preferences, so as the best multi level marketing software provider, we’ve made it simple for users to choose their language, currency, and date format.Additionally, users have the flexibility to personalize their profiles by changing avatars and adjusting notification priorities.

Multi language

Users can easily switch the language in the Integrated MLM software to view content in their preferred language. We offer a variety of languages within our software.

Multi currency

We understand that your MLM business operates globally across multiple countries. To accommodate this, our software provides a Multi currency feature allowing users to conduct transactions in their local and preferred currency.

Date Format Choices

The Date Format Choices feature in MLM software allows users to customize how dates are displayed according to their preferences. This flexibility makes the software more user-friendly, reducing confusion.


Receive push notifications, emails, and SMS for commission received, payout released, order updates, etc. Users can easily toggle these features on or off based on their preferences.

Personalized Avatars

Users can set their own profile picture by selecting from the gallery, using the camera, etc. This allows users to add a personal touch to their account, showcase their identity, and be recognized by others when creating a community.

Security Measures

No compromise on security! We have taken all measures to keep your system safe and secure. Additionally, we implement an extra layer of security measures for user’s accounts beyond just passwords.

Account password

The integrated MLM software includes an account password feature with a password policy. This secures user accounts and prevents the risk of unauthorized access.

Wallet Password

As its name suggests, the Wallet Password feature provides extra security for your wallet. Each user can set their own wallet password, ensuring that nobody can perform financial operations without proper authorization.

Security Shield

As the best MLM software provider, we offer PIN or biometric authentication to ensure that only you, and no one else, can access the MLM software.

Promotions & Training

Ever thought about keeping your MLM network vibrant with both excitement and knowledge? From Events Notifications for exciting updates to Educational Articles enhancing member knowledge, and captivating Training Videos, we’ve got it all.

Events Notification

The Events Notification feature in MLM software ensures users stay informed about upcoming events organized by your MLM company. This includes product launches, conferences, parties, and other programs within the MLM network. Users can access event details such as location, date, host, and even add them to their calendar.

Educational Articles

The features enable MLM companies to upload articles beneficial for members to learn more about your MLM business. This improves overall productivity and motivates users.

Training Videos

Videos are the best materials to engage and educate users. These can include training videos, event coverage, or speeches from leaders within your MLM company. This feature provides such options.

Introductory Video

The intro video is the first piece of content that appears before any other information on the platform. So It can be used as a marketing tool to highlight key features of MLM software and demonstrate how your MLM company add value to users.

Onboarding Guidance

The onboarding screen assists users in understanding how to access various features of MLM software and educates them about the benefits of being part of the MLM business.

Configurations Panel

When creating this configuration panel, our priority is ensuring a simple interface. The straightforward panel serves as a central hub for administrators to adjust various settings and preferences.

Easy Setup

Effortlessly configure compensations and payments. Modify figures, enable/disable payment methods, and adjust bonuses anytime, providing flexibility and ease of management in your MLM business.

Customizable Templates

The MLM software includes email templating and SMS templating features, allowing customized templates for emails and text messages. This ensures messages are delivered in the user's preferred language, enhancing efficiency and fostering a stronger connection with a diverse user base.


We support third-party integrations with platforms like Shopify, Salesforce, or any other E-commerce, CRM, accounting, or money lending software. This flexibility enables you to expand your business functionality and streamline operations.


Have questions? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

All the features listed are not limited to the mobile app alone. They are accessible through our web application, which can be accessed via standard web browsers on desktops, laptops, and mobile devices. Additionally, the features are also available on our dedicated multi level marketing app for both iOS and Android platforms.

Yes, we offer a free demo of our software. You can request a trial on our website and explore its features before making a purchase.

While our multilevel marketing software comes with a range of built-in features, we also offer customization options for businesses with unique requirements. Please contact our sales team to discuss your customization needs.

Look for a multi level marketing software solution that offers a comprehensive range of features, supports multiple platforms (web, iOS, Android), allows for customization, prioritizes security, provides reliable after-sales support, and offers good value for money.

Top network marketing companies benefit from network marketing software in various ways, such as automating essential tasks, commission calculation, and reporting sales and member activity effectively. This software empowers businesses to provide error-free payouts, facilitate network expansion, and enhance security.